Anna Sui

November 10, 2012

So, I know it’s been too long since I last posted. I’ve been really busy and have recently moved to New York. I’m currently doing an internship at Anna Sui. It’s a bit of a big step for me, moving to another country and seeing how the fashion industry really works, but I’ve learnt a lot of really interesting things.

The Anna Sui Offices

Before I began working at Anna Sui, I had never really known much about Anna’s fashion. I had heard of her of course, but all I knew was that she used a lot of print and made somewhat cutesy dresses. However the more I look at her clothes, the more I admire her designs.

Anna Sui’s first collection was released in 1991. She has won a range of awards and has shops all over the world. Her shows often feature top models and she has various collaborations with companies such as Anthropologie, Target and Coach.

Look from Spring 2013

Anna Sui’s designs are often inspired by a mix of romanticism and punk, as well as a lot of vintage, history and art. It seems like a random combination, yet the way Anna does it seems to work. While I don’t think you can see strong influences in every design, when you watch a collection on the catwalk, you can definitely see both of these influences running throughout meshed together with floral prints. I was actually lucky enough to get to watch the Spring 2013 fashion show live and work with the collection before and after the show. I was amazed at how the garments looked dynamic on the catwalk, yet were very wearable for day-to-day life. I think it is this combination which has kept Anna Sui’s such strong fan base..

Famous Owl Hat from Fall 2012

Forties Inspired Prints

‘I love history. I love art. I like to mix it all together, but in the end it somehow has to all make sense.’ – Anna Sui

Anna Sui


Viktor and Rolf are two dutch designers who are right at the forefront of fashion.
There work is heavily influenced by their fashion shows and they create a lot of attention through staging dramatic performances. They often think of new ways to exhibit their work then a typical catwalk show. In their russian doll collection, they had one single model and dressed her with one layer of clothing over the other until she was weighed down by several layers of couture.
I love the way that Viktor and Rolf seem to see fashion as more of an art form then a lot of other designers.
They are not held back by restrictions or constraints and will completely commit themselves to a concept no matter how crazy it may originally seem. For example, one show they did, featured the shows lighting rigs being attached the models (see image below).
Each collection Viktor and Rolf do has an immediate impact when you see it, whether it’s because of the innovative idea they have used or the amount of detail that has gone into a garment, you can’t help but notice them..