Rene Gruau…

April 3, 2012

Probably the most well-known fashion illustrator, Rene Gruau worked for many companies including Dior, Givenchy and Vogue.
He uses strong lines and block colours creating bold, dramatic pieces.
I love how his illustrations reflect the time and the era in which he created them..


Illustrator Julie Verhoeven has worked for many magazines like Dazed and Confused and has created a series of Christmas cards for Topshop.
She is sought after by many designers and has collaborated with Versace, Mulberry and Louis Vuitton among others, creating prints for garments.
I like the mix of lines and ink in her work and the busy collages she creates..

Julie Verhoeven

Collaboration With Mulberry

Topshop Christmas Card

Collaboration With Versace

Julie Vermeille is an illustrator who uses a mixture of ink lines and collage within her work.
Her work seems to have an almost child-like simplicity to it and I think it is this which makes it so creative and appealing.
I love how her work uses textiles features within it, such as lace and thread..

Julie Vermeille


Monsieur Qui is a french fashion illustrator and graffiti/street artist.
He uses strong lines, with fainter shades.
I love the way he mixes the mediums he uses within his work and the strong outlines and contrasts in his street work..

I’m in the middle of a Fashion Illustrators brief at uni and I happened to stumble upon the work of Pippa McManus.
I really like the range of techniques she uses in her work and the mixture of colours and tones.
For an illustrator, she works in quite a range of different mediums, and I like the different approaches she has to her work.
I love how she often makes her models look slightly disproportionate and emphasizes particular features. I think this really adds to her illustrations..

Pippa McManus’ Blog

Denise van Leeuwen…

January 25, 2012

A bit of illustration by Denise van Leeuwen.
I like her quirky approach to illustration and her unique drawing style.
She uses both pen/ink lines with pencil shading and carefully mixes greyscale and colour sections..