A Quote From Dior…

February 17, 2012

‘I create so that every woman is her most beautiful’ – Christian Dior


Richard Avedon

February 14, 2012

August 1955

Fashion Photographer Richard Avedon photographed fashion from the late-forties up until the early naughties.
He photographed portraits of countless celebrities and his work has developed and changed with the times and the decades.
I particularly like the work he did through the fifties and sixties.
If you look through his portfolio, you can really see how he grows and changes as an artist and photographer.
Avedon also played a huge part in the making of the Audrey Hepburn film ‘Funny Face’, in which the character of Dick Avery (played by Fred Astaire) was based around him. Audrey Hepburn was a huge inspiration to Avedon and became his muse.
His photography always seems to mean something and makes a statement about what was happening at the time..

Richard Avedon

August 1953

June 1960

Audrey Hepburn – January 1967

January 1967

Monsieur Qui is a french fashion illustrator and graffiti/street artist.
He uses strong lines, with fainter shades.
I love the way he mixes the mediums he uses within his work and the strong outlines and contrasts in his street work..

In Wonderland…

February 10, 2012

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was released in 2010. I went to see it at the cinema, however every time I have watched it since I have still been blown away by the costumes in it.
These costumes are so creative and really suit the style of the film.
Colleen Atwood won an Oscar for best costumes for her extravagant designs.
Atwood has won many awards for her contribution to films. Among others she designed the iconic costume for Edward Scissorhands, as well as designing the outfits for the girls in Chicago.
Nevertheless, I think the costumes in Alice in Wonderland really exhibit her creative talent..

‘Costumes are the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth-it really does establish who they are.’ – Colleen Atwood


A Quote From Marc Jacobs…

February 10, 2012

‘I like the sort of ‘nothingness’ of the jeans and t-shirt. I feel that’s about as close as I can get to the future because it seems like something so old that will always be, so I feel it’s a safe bet for the future.’ – Marc Jacobs

I’m in the middle of a Fashion Illustrators brief at uni and I happened to stumble upon the work of Pippa McManus.
I really like the range of techniques she uses in her work and the mixture of colours and tones.
For an illustrator, she works in quite a range of different mediums, and I like the different approaches she has to her work.
I love how she often makes her models look slightly disproportionate and emphasizes particular features. I think this really adds to her illustrations..

Pippa McManus’ Blog

Photography and zest…

February 4, 2012


A rather lovely tweeter told me to look at the National Media Museum website, which has tons of vintage images and photography.
I particularly fell in love with some of Zoltan Glass’ work.
Zoltan Glass was a car enthusiast, so started his career taking photos of cars and automobiles. However when he moved to London, he started fashion photography as well.
I love how he just captures people’s spirit and zest for life and I think it is this which makes his photos so enchanting..

‘Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.’ – Christian Dior